Gift Voucher

£5.00 - £100.00
  • Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers for the In Rainbows website, available for the value of £5 to £100. These can be used to purchase any items on my website and are valid for two years from the time of purchase.

Vouchers will be emailed to the email address used when placing the order - these can then be printed and given as a gift or forwarded to the recipient. If you would like the voucher to be emailed directly to the recipient please use their email address when checking out, or simply add a note requesting that I do this.

Please note that this is a digital item - you will not receive a physical gift voucher but are more than welcome to print off the one that you receive via email!

How does the voucher work?
- The voucher that is emailed to you will have a unique discount code for the specified amount of money;
- The recipient can enter this in the discount code section when checking out on my website;
- If there is any unused balance after this purchase the discount code will be updated to reflect this and the recipient can re-use their code to spend the remainder of their voucher in future purchases.