Welcome to In Rainbows, an independent small business created and run by queer trans artist and Creative Imaging student, Alli McKee (that's me!)

I began selling my handmade accessories online in 2018, hopping between sales platforms until I eventually settled and established myself as a seller on Depop. The products that I sell are continually changing and evolving as I experiment with new techniques and styles, and each piece is hand-crafted with love and care, making every single item unique.

Starting out as a hobby to keep my mind active, creating and selling my artwork has become an important source of income for me, with every sale helping me to fund my transition.


Packaging Sustainability

> All tape used to package your order is completely recyclable and plastic-free

> Any plastic packaging/bubble wrap used is 100% recycled from packages received by myself or others in my household

> All of the new packaging that I buy is plastic-free, recyclable and sourced from independent sellers